Taste all my travels on earth

Hello, My name is Jelle, born and raised in The Netherlands and I love to taste all flavours on the world.

Beginning 2019 I left my job to go on my first solo travel. I told my parents it was time for me to follow my already long planned dream. Travelling South East Asia.

In several weeks I booked a flight, my first hostel and purchased the needed equipment like my Osprey Farpoint 55L backpack. Nervous and with almost zero travel and flight experience I said goodbye to my girlfriend and family.

Now I am travelling a lot and make a lot of stories for my self. Let me take you with me on my journies, from the nervous feelings of the first day to the impatient feelings for my next travel.

Over here you will read all the stories from my personal viewpoint all the good, but also all the bad things.


Peru. The country of high altitudes, alpacas and lama’s, ceviche, the Inca’s, the rainbown mountain and ofcourse Machu Picchu.
After 2 years of Covid I lost quite some valuable travel time. So on the 19th of May 2022 I went to Peru for 3 weeks. This country was definetely different then what I was used to in South East Asia. But never the less was it definetely worth the visit.
Food poisening, altitude sickness and waking up at 2AM to go to see something beautifull are very common in Peru. So also I discoverd all those things.

Together with my girlfriend I went to Athens in Greece last november. We chose to stay on the mainland and discoverd the city of Athens, went out to Delphi and made a visit at the poseidon temple in the south.
We stayed for one week and spend 560 EU per person including flight, hotel and 2days of renting a car.

Read here our story over Greece. The country of ancient knowledge and temples and the amazing flavours in the moussaka’s, Gyros and Souvlaki’s.

Where it all began, South-East Asia!

March 12, 2019 is the date everything changed in my life. I became a backpacker.
This was going to be my first backpack trip and immediately Solo.
170 Days solo backpacking South-East Asia. My plan was to visit Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and took Singapore and Malaysia as spare countries when I wanted to travel even longer. Turned out I visited even more coutries then just those 6……

After these 170 days of backpacking I knew I wanted to taste more Flavours on this world.